Business & Corporate Law in Lawrenceville, GA

Get the Legal Assistance you need in Including Tax Issues, Contract Drafting and more

"Business and Corporate" work involves a wide range area of legal matters, from the formation of business entities and partnership agreements, to general corporate matters such as contract drafting and negotiations, employment issues, tax issues, proprietary information and the like. When a law firm serves as outside corporate counsel, the firm is generally responsible for representing the business or corporate entity on an on-going, as needed basis. Therefore, it is important that the firm have significant experience in a wide array of legal topics, with various attorneys and support staff with varying areas of expertise.


Andrew, Merritt, Reilly & Smith, L.L.P. represents hundreds of business and corporate entities on an on-going basis, ranging in businesses that are sole proprietorship or "Mom & Pop" entities, up to and including businesses with hundreds of employees and offices nationwide. While it is difficult to describe the multitude of duties the Firm provides as outside corporate counsel, primary responsibilities often include contract drafting and negotiation, employment issues, proprietary information issues, and daily, weekly and monthly consultation regarding various legal issues as they arise in the day to day activities of the business or corporate entity. When necessary, the Firm files lawsuits and litigates disputed matters in state and federal courts.