Andrew, Merritt, Reilly & Smith, LLP is home to Georgia Fiduciary Group, Georgia's premier Boutique Professional Fiduciary Firm.

Georgia Fiduciary Group provides a local, boutique experience that allows a higher level ofpersonalized service that ourestate, conservatorship, and trust clients prefer. For estate planningattorneys and financial advisors, we offer your clients the benefit of a private Executor andTrustee while maintaining financial advisor and wealth management relationships that theyhavein place.

For personal injuryand worker’s compensationattorneys, allow us to be your full-service guide for all estate, conservatorship and settlement protection trust issues as we guideyour case through the probate and state court approval processesfrom state to finish. GeorgiaFiduciary Group has nominimum asset management requirements for estates, conservatorships,or trusts. Your clients become our family. Our team’s experience in the fiduciary field and ourcommitment to client care is unparalleled