Andrew, Merritt, Reilly & Smith, LLP is a full-service law firm with over thirty years of experience in civil and criminal litigation, contracts, business and shareholder disputes, construction law and property litigation, probate, estate, trust and conservatorship administration. We are committed to our mission of providing excellent and honest legal services in our community and beyond.

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AMRS Fiduciary Group provides a local, boutique experience that allows a higher level of personalized service that our estate, conservatorship, and trust clients prefer. For estate planning attorneys and financial advisors, we offer your clients the benefit of a private Executor and Trustee while maintaining financial advisor and wealth management relationships that they have in place.

For personal injury and worker’s compensation attorneys, allow us to be your full-service guide for all estate, conservatorship and settlement protection trust issues as we guide your case through the probate and state court approval processes from state to finish. AMRS Fiduciary Group has no minimum asset management requirements for estates, conservatorships, or trusts. Your clients become our family. Our team’s experience in the fiduciary field and our commitment to client care is unparalleled.

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Why AMRS Fiduciary Group?

  • A professional Estate Representative or Conservator adds value to your personal injury action.
  • A neutral, experienced Estate Representative reduces stress and calms strife during your family's most traumatic and difficult times.
  • A professional, experienced Conservator and Trustee takes away the stress of wealth management and allows our clients to focus on the important tasks of caring for their children, injured loved ones, or aging adults.
  • We currently manage over $100,000,000.00 and meet the standard definition of a "Corporate Fiduciary" but with a local, personalized experience.
  • We have no minimum Trust amount and will accept and manage Trusts of any size.

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