At AMRS Fiduciary Group, we have successfully administered hundreds of trusts and actively manage around 200 at any given time.

For our private estate clients, we are available to serve as Trustee of testamentary or pour over trusts of any size as we have no minimum asset requirement.  Further, we are open to maintaining a testator or settlor's relationship with his or her current wealth manager or financial advisor so that clients feel secure and confident that an estate plan will be carried out as intended.

For our minors or adults receiving funds as a result of a personal injury or worker's compensation case, we can assist with the drafting of settlement protection trusts and with the documents necessary to secure settlement approval from probate court, state court, or the State Board of Worker's Compensation.  With the nomination of a professional Trustee, courts and clients can proceed with confidence that trust assets will be managed appropriately and conservatively, as required by Georgia law, but also personally and locally as only a private, individual Trustee can accomplish.

Our team at AMRS Fiduciary Group is available to serve as a privately nominated Trustee for estate clients or for personal injury and worker's compensation clients.  Our flexibility and expertise allow us to manage trust estates of any size, whether the trust is comprised of real or personal property or both.

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