Paul and His Team were amazing!
They have resolved a hopeless situation with what looks like a magic trick to us. Thanks for their research and deep understanding of laws; your problem was resolved and avoided a lawsuit!
We strongly recommend this Law Firm for any and all real estate issues and will use them again should the need arise.

John F.

It has been a blessing knowing that our family-owned buisness is protected by Mr. Paul Andrew. We have trusted Mr. Andrew for over ten years as he has helped us navigate legal matters with much integrity and transparency. With much confidence, I can say that Mr. Andrews will always help our company stand a just battle against any odds stacked against a small non-corporate buisness.

Thank you, Mr. Andrews, from our family to you.

Kim Y.

In May of 2016, I had made an appointment to interview Steve Reilly for my divorce. I had interviewed many other attorneys and AMRS Law Firm and Steve Reilly were highly recommended. I was greeted with courtesy, kindness and professionalism. I met with Steve and knew he was the right attorney to handle my divorce. Steve, is honest, caring and most importantly he listens. When we had to go to court, Steve was prepared, confident and powerful. It was a long 3 years to finalize my divorce but the end results were worth it. I highly recommend AMRS Law Firm and Steve Reilly. Thank you!

Tracy F.

This review is a little belated, but none the less important! I want to sincerely thank Steve Reilly for his outstanding work on my child custody case. I'm a father who desperately need to win custody of my adolescent son from an irresponsible alcoholic mother. The reality is that most courts are biased toward the mother, so I was very unsure of my chances even with police video of her drunken behavior. Steve's preparation was meticulous and extremely well documented. His extensive courtroom experience was undeniably the best I've ever seen. He was professional, articulate, confident, well prepared and unflappable in presentation of my case and interpretation of the pertinent legal issues in play. As a result, my son is now in a much safer environment, a happy teenager, and thriving in his new situation! Steve - Thank You, you've made a big difference in our lives!

Eugene R.

I have worked with Paul on multiple occasions and have nothing but respect and admiration for Paul Andrew and his team. I cant begin to brag on the principles and performance that Paul and his Team exert in the practice of their craft of law. I would also like to comment on the strong degree of knowledge Paul possesses and how well he is able to make things happen when you need a win on any element of whatever needs to be executed professionally and precisely. Thank you Paul for your diligence and for your personal attention and detail oriented services for the many times you have helped me when the need for legal council is needed.

Tom D.

I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to Steven Reilly. He is a gentleman, a consummate professional and an unwavering advocate. Thank you also to Katy and the entire team for your kindness and care. I highly recommend this law firm.

Yvonne A.

Great lawyer,extremely helpful and courteous

After having a knife pulled on me and my dog at my apartment complex and being threatened almost daily with death or violence, Management did nothing. It was only when I contacted Mr. Andrew that Management began to take action and had the family evicted. Mr. Andrew was the voice of reason and calmness that I desperately needed in such a tense and stressful situation. Kudos!

Rob R.

Confidence and Knowledge

We hire lawyers when we don't know what else to do. Trying to solve legal problems on our own is not worth the time and energy. My husband a I prayed and turned our case over to Paul Andrew. He and his staff provided us with quick answers and went after the opposition with a brilliant approach to find who this person was and was not.

Barbara G.

They did an excellent job for our company helping us recover our our money. a very professional group and will use them again. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great attorney.

Scott A.

Great experience

I have been extremely pleased with the way Paul and his assistant Darlene have handled my case. It has been an extraordinarily difficult case and he has let me be involved in a great way. I have never felt my money was ever being wasted. They have been honest, straight forward, courteous in every way possible helping me to get through this rough time. He is great at making a recommendation when it is a matter our of his expertise. I have recommended them a couple of times already. I look forward to continuing this arrangement until we are finished. I do not believe anyone could have done a more professional job than Paul and Darlene have done.

Becky B.

I personally hired this Law Firm to assist me in a Guardianship cacse. The gentleman that handled my case is actually Raymond Burns and Miss Amy also assisted me as his paralegal. I have to say that I am very pleased with them both. The courtesy service....The prompt response...the dedication, the care and all effort to assure the case goes in a positive and the winning results is phenomenal. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Law Firm, to be sure and call Andre, Merritt Reilly and Smith first. They aree everything you expect in making sure the results are achieved at the end. I can guarantee you will not regret it and you will be pleased for sure! Thank you Raymond and the entire team!

Lourdes D.

Very pleased with service they provided, Paul Andrew, in Homeowners case and highly recommend them.

Matthew K.

I dealt with Paul Andrew at AMRS for two years. During that time I was dealing with a Defendant that was difficult and used every tactic to delay and avoid settlement.
I am grateful for the excellent representation and creative council, every attention to detail and compliance was taken care of without the need for my follow up.
I always felt that the amount charged to represent me was more than fair.
In the end Paul Andrew successfully negotiated a settlement double what was offered by the defendant.
I would recommend the law firm AMRS as their diversity and depth of experience is vast.

Bob M.

The Only Firm For My Legal Needs and Why...

I've had the good fortune to have Mr. Paul Andrew stand beside me in court. In both situations, it's be the case of a small business owner, myself. Fighting for what is fair, against a much larger and powerful company. My first situation was over the right to work or not, with no "Non Compete" signed by me. Further, where does trade secrets end and common reasonable knowledge begin. With a mechanical background and not a legal degree, it his hard to even begin to understand what was being charged upon me. Paul had a complete understanding of the legal facts and quickly resolved the situation. No court time, no great expense to me and I never stopped working for a moment! Could not have been more satisfied or pleased with the results and Paul's work. Recently, we just finished a four year long case. Yes, four years this case went. My company had several large unpaid invoices from a company we serviced, these invoices add up to over $50,000.00. Without Paul's belief in me personally and seeking justice for me, I never could have done this. We never could have endured the strain it puts on your company financially and on you personally without all the ways that Paul guides and aids you through this process. Every time we stepped into a court room or had a meeting. You could tell Paul knew what he was doing and that he truly cared about you and the situation you're in. The case was over third party auditors, used by the customer, who miss handle documents or did not. If a verbal agreement from a current customer was binding when no formal work agreement or contract was in place. This became a character case about me and if I acted in good faith with the services I provided. Paul believed in me 100%. This showed all through the process and finally a jury trial. Paul showed time and again how the honest simple truth pulled the most weight with the jurors. Again, we won hands down, Paul brought it home with an award to me of over $100,000.00! I can't say enough good and positive things about Paul Andrew and his firm. To you I say, if you need legal assistance and you want the real truth about your legal situation. Then see Paul and he will lay it out plain for you. If you decide to fight, he'll be by your side all the way!

Todd S.

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