When a loved one passes, the estate process can seem overwhelming. This can cause additional stress for a family during a time that is already emotional and difficult.

At Georgia Fiduciary Group, we have successfully administered thousands of estates and actively manage approximately 200 at any given time. Often, we are involved from the initial filing of a Petition to Probate a Will in Solemn Form or, when there is no Will, a Petition for Letters of Administration, and once appointed, we manage the entire process as we gather and liquidate assets, assess the validity of creditor claims, address tax issues, and ultimately make final distribution to beneficiaries or heirs and close the estate. Other times, we become involved after an estate process has already begun but the family has lost faith in the personal representative or the personal representative has realized that administering an estate is a lot bigger job than they originally anticipated.

Regardless of how we get involved, our team of fiduciaries, paralegals, property and financial account managers, and support staff are experts at administering estates. In our County Administrator practice, we take pride in our ability to quickly and efficiently administer a high volume of estates in a way that is neutral, transparent, and compliant with Georgia law. In our private estate administration practice, we manage larger, more complex estates quickly and efficiently while addressing more complicated business, investment, charitable, real estate, tax, and litigation issues and ensuring that an estate plan is carried out as the testator or settlor intended.

To these ends, our team at Georgia Fiduciary Group is available to serve as a privately nominated Executor, Trustee, or financial power of attorney, when necessary, and as a court appointed Temporary Administrator, Administrator, or Administrator with a Will Annexed. Our flexibility and expertise allow us to manage an estate of any size, whether the estate is comprised of real or personal property or both.

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